About Us

The Castle Club is a nonprofit organization, owned and operated by women, providing a friendly environment for exercise, education and social interaction. The Club was established by a group of women living in the northern part of Baltimore city, when they learned that their long-time exercise facility was closing. They pooled their resources and the Castle Club was born!
The Castle Club’s mission is to create a place where women can achieve physical and emotional well-being through exercise, education and social activities.  The Castle Club is more than a gym; it is a unique place to be with friends, to develop new skills and to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
The Castle Club is licensed by the state of Maryland Office of the Attorney General Consumer Affairs Division. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Fitness workout
with cardiovascular and strength
training equipment

Tai Chi

Walking Tours


Seated Massage

Book Club

Flower Arranging Classes

Free Fitness Assessments

Educational classes on topics of interest such as nutrition, health, self-defense, social media, cooking, languages, and well-being.

“Even 30 minutes of moderate physical activity… provides health benefits for older adults.” American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.
“Health experts recommend that older adults incorporate strength training into their fitness routine. The addition of even a light set of weights can enhance bone density, decrease insulin resistance, affect metabolism and result in better sleep”. American Council on Sports Medicine.